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Ties, Dotted Notes, Flags, Birdseye's, Etc.
Instructional Audio CD & Summary Sheet
Ties, Dotted Notes, Flags
Ties, Dotted Notes, Flags
Item#: HAR-07

Course Description
Ties, Dotted Notes, Flags, Birdseye's, Etc.

...and all those other little music symbols...

Did you know that a dot adds 1/2 the value of the note it follows to the note? And that a flag cuts a note value in half? Do you know the three varieties of accents? Can you tell a tie from a slur? Learn about all those funny little marks in music in this one-of-a-kind CD course.

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Ties, Dotted Notes, Flags, Birdseye's, Etc.

HAR-7: Instructional Audio CD & Summary Sheet




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