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Master Musical Theory with the Musical Genius Course
24 Instructional Audio CD Lessons & 24 printed lessons in a big binder
Master Musical Theory with the Musical Genius Course
Master Musical Theory with the Musical Genius Course
Item#: MG-01

Course Description

The Musical Genius Course:

"Understanding & Mastering Music Inside Out, Upside Down, & In Your Sleep!"

The very same course taken by members of our Navy Band (and other military musical groups), but explained & illustrated in detail by Duane
so that you REALLY understand music!

     Now available to civilians as well...

Dear Friend:

     Did Einstein always know the theory of relativity?

     Of course not.

     Like you and me, he had to move from square one to square two to square three -- and after about a thousand squares he ended up being considered a genius.

     He may have had a high IQ, but any of us with normal intelligence can master a subject if we take it step by step and build on the previous steps.

     This is a two-year universal course for all musicians on understanding and mastering music inside out and upside down. It is a dynamite course for all musicians including but not limited to piano players. Trumpet and trombone and sax players in the Navy had to pass this course, as well as piano players and every other band member.

     Thanks to the US Government, this course is now available in printed form to anyone who has the desire to really become a knowledgeable musician. But without a teacher to explain each part of the course for you, it's a difficult course -- obviously, because musicians in the service HAVE to be well-trained.

     Duane has reprinted all 24 unit lessons for you and put them into a big organized binder, and then recorded each unit carefully, explaining each section in detail.

     It is an exciting and exhaustive course in everything a musician need to know about the guts of music. Here is the 24-month curriculum:

 24 Units

Unit 1 - Understanding & Mastering Music Theory 1: The Nature of Sound (vibration, transmission, reception, processing, interpretation)

Unit 2 - Understanding & Mastering Music Theory 2:
Fundamental Notation. (pitch, duration)

Unit 3 - Understanding & Mastering Music Theory 3:
Meter. (metrical stress, composite meter)

Unit 4 - Understanding & Mastering Music Theory 4: Rhythm (simple, complex, time signatures)

Unit 5 - Understanding & Mastering Music Theory 5:
Scales & Tetrachords

Unit 6 - Understanding & Mastering Music Theory 6:
Major Music Scales

Unit 7 - Understanding & Mastering Music Theory 7:
Minor Music Scales

Unit 8 - Understanding & Mastering Music Theory 8:
Modal Music Scales (Dorian, Lydian, Aeolian, Locrian, Mixolydian, etc.)

Unit 9 - Understanding & Mastering Music Theory 9:
Pentatonic, Chromatic, & Whole-Tone Scales

Unit 10 - Understanding & Mastering Music Theory 10:
Intervals. (diatonic, dissonant, consonant)

Unit 11 - Understanding & Mastering Music Theory 11:
Triadic Chords

Unit 12 - Understanding & Mastering Music Theory 12:
The Overtone Series

Unit 13 - Understanding & Mastering Music Theory 13:
Transposition (how to play in a different key)

Unit 14 - Understanding & Mastering Music Theory 14:
Instruments. (single & double reed, brass, strings, percussion, keyboards)

Unit 15 - Understanding & Mastering Music Theory 15:
Piano Chord Symbols (Fm7, G13, F7/Eb, Bb7sus, C+, etc.)

Unit 16 - Understanding & Mastering Music Theory 16:
Chord scales (minor 7th, minor 6th, maj 7, etc.)

Unit 17 - Understanding & Mastering Music Theory 17:
Swing Rhythm. (anticipation, delay, etc.)

Unit 18 - Understanding & Mastering Music Theory 18:
Melody Construction. (How to compose a tune)

Unit 19 - Understanding & Mastering Music Theory 19:
Extended & Altered Chords (Fm9, C7-5, Eb11, etc.)

Unit 20 - Understanding & Mastering Music Theory 20:
Manuscript Techniques.

Unit 21 -Understanding & Mastering Music Theory 21:
Performance. (articulations, ornaments, Jazz expressive devices, (rip, flare, drop, doink, etc.)

Unit 22 - Understanding & Mastering Music Theory 22:
Italian Terms. (meanings, suffixes)

Unit 23 - Understanding & Mastering Music Theory 23: Review & cross-polinization

Unit 24 - Understanding & Mastering Music Theory 24: Application to your situation as a musician

Each unit on 24 audio CD's along with 24 printed lessons in a big binder

The nature of sound

Pitch & duration

Meter: complex



Major scales

Minor scales

Modal scales

Pentatonic scales

Performance tech.

Interval recognition

Triadic chords

Overtone series


Instrument types

Notating music

Chord symbols

Chord scales

Musical terms

Swing rhythm

Composing music

Altered chords



     Do you have any idea how much our government spends to train just one musician? The amount is stratospheric -- much more than you would think. So even if each unit was only a thousand dollars it would total $24,000. -- and you can be sure that it costs MUCH more than that to polish a musician so he or she is ready for the band, orchestra, small group, or whatever.

    But now these same units are available to you not for $1000. per unit, or even $100. per unit -- but for less than eight bucks a unit!

    And that includes the CD that I personally recorded for you -- explaining each printed unit in detail!


24 Units of the finest musical training available anywhere -- all in one course!

24 CD's & 24 printed units in a big binder


Here are the top seven reasons why you should master the "stuff" of music...


  • Understanding what you're doing when you play is the key to playing with confidence

  • Knowing the "guts of music" puts you at the top of the class in terms of other musicians

  • Learning all aspects of theory allows you to communicate intelligently with other musicians (and non-musicians as well, of course)

  • Knowing the insides of music allows you to improvise and compose music

  • Knowing chords inside-out allows you to create your own arrangements on the fly using many different chord patterns and chord styles

  • Once you learn what other musicians who play different instruments know, you'll have an overall view of music that will differentiate you from the masses -- in other words, it separates the men from the boys and the women from the girls...

  • It's just plain old fun to finally know what you're doing when you play!


"I have bought 5 books on learning to play the piano trying to find out why the word 'perfect' was used and not one has ever explained that...as soon as you said the reason, I went thru all the chords and not only did it all work but the perfect 5th of the first chord always comes out as the perfect 4th of the second chord -- HOW EXCITING -- Thanks you, thank you -- this lesson is so full of wonderful stuff!"

T. P. Arizona  (E-mail on file)

      Click on the order button below to get started. You'll receive the entire 24-unit course all at once -- the 24 CD's, the 24 printed lesson units, and a big binder to keep it all in!

MG-1: The Musical Genius Course
 24 Units consisting of 24 CD's and 24 printed lesson units




P.S.: When you receive the course be sure to take each unit in order -- don't skip around -- because each lesson is sequential and builds on the previous unit.




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