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Short Specialized DVD's
Short Specialized DVD's
Item#: COMBO-43

Course Description

DVD Courses that focus on just ONE piano playing technique -- in detail!
"Specialized Piano Playing DVD Courses"

Most of our piano courses cover a broad spectrum of various styles and concepts that a person needs to know to play the piano well - piano notes, piano keys, piano chords, music theory, music scales. But these 14 DVD videos are SPECIALIZED DVD VIDEOS -- they each deal with just one small area -- but that area is covered in depth -- up close -- a detailed explanation and demonstration. Most of these DVD's are 20 to 30 minutes long -- and that's a lot of coverage for one small area.

Here they are:

Focus On Modulation DVD: How to get from one piano key to another key smoothly.

Pedaling DVD: How to make your playing both smooth and explosive by pedaling creatively.

Improvising using Minor 7th Chords DVD: If you like a mellow sound, you'll love this DVD!

Transposition DVD: How to play a song in a different key than what it's written in.

Waterfall Runs DVD: How to use them to create a "cascading river" sound.

Two-One & Three-One Chord Breakups DVD: How to use them as fills.

Music Box Style DVD: How to create the sound of a music box.

Straddles DVD: How to use them as fills.

Piano Chord Progressions & Substitutions DVD: For exciting sounds!

Inversions DVD: How to turn chords upside down quickly.

Gospel Styles DVD: Tripletizing, walk-ups & walk-downs, offset chording.

Major Piano Scales DVD: All the Major Scales & their piano notes & fingerings.

Minor Piano Scales DVD: All the Minor Scales & their piano notes & fingerings.

Modal Piano Scales DVD: All the Modal scales & their piano notes &  fingerings (Dorian, Lydian, Locrian, Aeolian, Mixolydian, Phrygian.

Piano chords & music theory & music scales

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