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Seven Specific Steps To Speed Up Your Sight Reading!
1 Audio CD & 1 DVD Video plus the "7 Magic Steps To Speed Sight Reading" printed course in a 3-ring binder
Seven  Steps To Speed Up Your Sight Reading!
Seven Steps To Speed Up Your Sight Reading!
Item#: COMBO-28

Course Description

"Seven Magic Steps To Speed Sight Reading!"

Sheet music

You can learn to read most any type of music with practice -- if you follow these seven simple rules. It's not magic, unless you call understanding what you see magic. You'll learn how to instantly recognize intervals, inversions, arpeggios, chords, increase your eye span, and how to avoid losing your place in the music when you have to look down at your hands -- a problem lots of people have.

How is this possible?

Through the use of "mental keys".

A mental key is just like a physical key. If you don't have the key to a car, how long does it take to get in? Probably several times as long as it would if you had the key in your hand.

Visualize yourself outside your house. You forgot your key, and the door is locked. How are you going to get in? Well, you could go through the bathroom window that you left ajar. Or you could jimmy the window in the bedroom. Or you could break the door down. You will get in -- but not nearly as fast as you would if you had the key in your hand. Not only that, going through the door is EASIER as well as FASTER, and certainly MORE ENJOYABLE than climbing in like a thief.

Actually though, there are really 7 keys to speeding up your sight reading -- not just one -- and I'm going to teach them ALL to you. Learning just one will make a big difference, but when you get all 7 under your belt you'll be reading music much faster than before. Note: Content of the DVD video is EXCELLENT, but it is fairly old and quality is a bit fuzzy.

You get a video DVD, and audio CD to listen to, plus the "7 Magic Steps" printed course in a 3-ring binder. For more information, please go to



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