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"The 3 Secrets of Power Piano Practicing!"
"The 3 Secrets of Power Practicing!" DVD & "Journal of Progress" sheet
"The 3 Secrets of Power Piano Practicing!"
"The 3 Secrets of Power Piano Practicing!"
Item#: PP-01

Course Description
"The 3 Secrets of Power Practicing!"

Most people don't get the results they should from their piano practice, because they DO IT WRONG!

No matter whether you have been playing the piano for 15 years or 15 minutes, you need to get hold of this DVD video that demonstrates clearly the 3 secrets of Power Practice: How to get twice the results in half the time!

Why? Because if you don't know the 3 secrets of practice, you could be wasting much of your practice time, and still not getting the progress you want.

In this DVD, you will see exactly how I go about practicing a new piece of music, from the time I first lay my eyes on it, until it is safely tucked away in my "repertoire book".

You'll see how I use the principle of spaced-repetition so every practice session is fresh and exciting -- never boring. My interest level is always high and I can hardly wait for the next practice session. You'll see how I focus on different aspects of the song I am learning -- you'll actually see and hear me practice each aspect, and why it's so important to do it that way. You'll see how I keep a "Journal of Progress" so I always know where I'm going in piano playing and how I'm going to get there. And you get the rights to reproduce my "Journal of Progress" so you can use it every day of your life from here on.

(This DVD is really priceless, even though it is quite short -- it's value to you is impossible to measure, because as you put into practice the 3 principles, it could be worth a fortune to you in both income and pleasure, depending upon your individual goals.)

"The 3 Secrets of Power Practicing!" DVD & "Journal of Progress" sheet

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