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Super-Chords Made Super-Simple!
Audio CD, DVD video, and "Picture Chart"
"Super-Chords Made Super-Simple!"
"Super-Chords Made Super-Simple!"
Item#: COMBO-03

Course Description

Super Chords Made Super Simple!

Made Super-Simple!"

Music notes & staff

The Secret of Playing Those Big "Monster Power Chords"
The Pros Use!

Dear Piano-playing friend:    

     As you know, triads such as major chords, minor chords, augmented and diminished chords are 3-note chords -- that's what "triad" means, of course.

     When we add one or more note to a chord, we term those "extended chords", because they are extended beyond the triad. Chords such as 6ths and minor 6ths and 7ths have one extra note beyond the triad.

     But when you get to 9th chords and beyond, you have 5 or more notes in the same chord, which presents some fingering problems.

     How in the world, for example, do you play a 6 or 7 note chord with 5 fingers? That's exactly what this course is about.

     This is an advanced course in chords that continues where "Chord Piano" and other basic courses leave off. If you already know:

  • All 12 major chords and how to form them

  • All 12 minor chords and how to form them

  • All 12 diminished chords and how to form them

  • All 12 augmented chords and how to form them

     ...then you are ready to take this course on advanced chords -- known as "extended chords", or "super chords" which includes:

  • All 6th chords (C6, F6, G6, D6, Db6, etc., etc.)

  • All minor 6ths chords (Cm6, Fm6, Gm6, etc, etc.)

  • All 7th chords (C7, F7, G7, D7, A7, E7, Gb7, etc, etc.)

  • All major 7th chords (Cmaj7, Fmaj7, Gmaj7, Ebmaj7, etc, etc.)

  • All minor 7th chords (Cm7, Gm7, Dm7, Em7, Am7, Fm7, Dbm7, etc.)

  • All 9th chords (C9, G9, D9, F9, A9, B9, Ab9, Eb9, Db9, Gb9, Bb9, etc.)

  • All 11th chords (C11, F11, G11, D11, E11, A11, B11, Bb11, Ab11, Gb11, etc.)

  • All 13th chords (C13, F13, G13, D13, E13, A13, B13, Db13, Eb13, Ab13, Bb13, etc.)

  • All 6/9 chords (C6/9, F6/9, G6/9, D6/9, and so forth.

     On this great course you'll not only learn to form all these chords, but you'll also  learn to voice chords in "professional position", so that you can reach all the extended chords like 9ths and 11ths and 13ths without having to have huge hands. (I have very small hands, yet can reach all of these chords easily.)

     You will learn all the "super-chords" including the exciting 6/9 chord (which very few piano players know) for a contemporary sound. If you are interested in getting a "jazz sound" or a "fusion sound" in your playing, then take this course!



"Super-Chords Made Super-Simple!";

Combo #3-DVD:

Everything -- Audio CD, DVD video, and "Picture Chart of Super-Chords"

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