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"Keyboard By Chords": "How To Play Any Keyboard Using Chords Instead Of The Printed Music...And Make It Sound Far Better Than The Original Sheet Music!"
1 Instructional audio CD, DVD video & booklet
"Keyboard By Chords"
"Keyboard By Chords"
Item#: COMBO-40

Course Description


Learn how to play piano using any keyboard -- piano, synthesizer, organ, electronic keyboard -- by chords! (By the way --- Duane favors Yamaha keyboards, but Roland and a couple others are good too.) Enables any keyboard player to play songs using a chord system rather than having to be tied to a printed score. At the core of the system is a booklet of 24 familiar songs, plus a chord chart and a keyboard chart. Duane then teaches 17 ways to apply chords to the right hand, and 13 ways to apply chords to the left hand. Each of these chord styles is also reproduced in printed form in the booklet, so the learner can see as well as hear how to apply these chords to various songs.

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