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How To Predict Which Chord Comes Next In a Song
DVD video, audio CD & 4-page chart
"How To Predict Which Chord Comes Next In a Song"
"How To Predict Which Chord Comes Next In a Song"
Item#: COMBO-08

Course Description

Predict which chord comes next in a song

How To Predict Which Chord Comes Next In a Song With Uncanny Accuracy!

How to predict which course comes next in a song CD       How to predict which chord comes next DVD course

      Wouldn't it be nice if you could predict which chord would probably come next in a song?

      I've got some GREAT news for you.

You can. You really can.

      It is possible. Not 100%, but somewhere on the order of 75% to 85% accurate.

     That's because music has FORM -- like the skeleton that holds your flesh, muscles, and skin up. If you had no bones -- no skeleton -- your flesh and all the other parts of you would fall in a heap on the floor. Not a pretty picture. But because you DO have a skeleton, you are able to walk around and pretty accurately predict which way your next step will take you.

      It's the same in music. Music has FORM -- a skeleton to hold it up, hold it together. And that skeleton is made out of chords -- harmony -- the tonal center of the song or piece.

You Can Predict Which Chord Comes Next!

      In any given key you can play in, there are PRIMARY CHORDS -- chords that occur way more than other chords. They are like family members of that particular key.

      At your house, let's say you have 3 people in your family -- your spouse, your child, and you. On the same block, but down the street a few houses, lives your cousin and her family.

      At any given moment, who are the most likely people to be in your house?

      Condi Rice? Hillary? Barry Bonds?

      I don't think so.

      It's possible, of course, but not too likely. If I had to guess, I would say it would be either you, your spouse, or your child. It might be your cousin down the street -- there's a much better chance of that than, say, Steve Martin or Arnold Schwarzenegger  -- but my best odds would be to guess that the family members would be there.

      It's the same way with chords.
In any given key, there are 3 "family members" that are residents of that key --  they "live there" in that musical key -- the
I chord, the IV chord, and the V chord. They are far and away the most likely chords to occur in any given key.

     For example, if I am playing in the Key of C, and the first chord is the C chord and I have to guess what the next chord is, I would guess that it would be either the F chord or the G chord. Why? Because those are the other "family members". So we have narrowed the odds a great deal just by knowing who the members of the family are.

What chord comes next?

     So how could I tell whether it should be F or G?

     If the melody is a "B", then the chord is probably a G chord. Why? Because "B" is in the G chord, but is not in the F chord.

     If the melody is a "A", than I would guess that the chord is F. Why? Because "A" is in the F chord, but is not in the G chord.

     Does that mean that there are always just 3 chords in a song? No, but there are literally hundreds of songs that are made of just 3 chords.

You can learn the secret of chord predicting for just $97 -- then for the rest of your life you'll be able to know what chords are likely to happen next in a song...

     This course is the only course in existence (as far as we know) which shows how to predict with 75% to 85% accuracy (hey -- nobody's perfect!) the next chord to occur in any piece of music!  It's not magic -- it's just knowing some things. To be able to do this you must know "the ladder" and the "prediction chart" -- the two elements that are taught so clearly in this unique, one of a kind course. After taking this course you should be able to predict the next chord in any song with about 80% accuracy. Think how valuable this could be to you when playing by ear or when improvising with other musicians! (We could put a price tag on this course that would bankrupt small nations, since this is the only thing of its kind in the entire world, as far as we know.)

Can you predict the future?Your future in musicYou can when it comes to chords!

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How to predict which course comes next in a song CD       How to predict which chord comes next DVD course

PS If you can't predict which chord comes next now, it's NOT YOUR FAULT -- this is not taught in traditional music lessons or music schools. Why? I don't have a clue, but I'll bet it's because almost all teachers do not know how to do it themselves. So don't be surprised if after taking this course you're the only musician in your area who has the slightest idea how to predict what chord is coming next in a song! Yes! Rush me the complete "Chord Prediction Course"



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