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Pro Secret #1: Straddles
Pro Secret #1: Straddles
Pro Secret #1: Straddles
Item#: PRO-01

Course Description
If you're not sure you're up to the hard work required by taking the entire 36 month Pro Secrets course -- mastering one single style each month by concentrating on it for a full hour a day for 30 straight days, then just take Pro Secret #1 first. It's on straddles - a little-known technique that separates the men from the boys and the women from the girls in piano playing. If you stick with it for an entire month and see the huge result, you'll be back for the rest of the course. And when you do, we'll give you credit for taking Secret #1 by deducting $39. from the total tuition for the entire course.

1st Month: Straddles -- We will learn what a straddle is, then work on 3 note straddles on all 12 major chords, all 12 minor chords, all 12 augmented and diminished chords, then take up 4-note straddles using 7ths, then 6ths, then 9ths. We will drill, drill, drill on notes, fingering, pedaling -- everything necessary to make an exciting straddle sound. (Not 1 piano player in a hundred even knows about straddles!)

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