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Praise & Gospel Piano - Volume One
2 hour video and song book
Praise & Gospel Piano
Praise & Gospel Piano
Item#: PG-01

Course Description

     This video can change your life. The secrets revealed hold the key to playing gospel piano and praise music like you've always dreamed.

     You open up a hymnbook and begin to play.

     But instead of just playing the notes that are written in the book, you suddenly break into tripletized walkups, cascading waterfall runs, chord substitutions, crunches, Luscious full-chorded arpeggios, rhythmic variations and fills galore.

     Is this a dream?

     Yes. It is a dream. A dream that can come true.


     Never before in the history of mankind have we had close-up music DVD's. Never before have we had the ability to get up close in full color and in real time to actually SEE the workings of the hands and fingers as a master pianist plays arrangements of gospel music songs everybody knows -- Christian music that comes to life!

     It works.

     You SEE and HEAR and UNDERSTAND each technique that is taught, because you have the actual book Duane is playing out of right in front of you. You see the notes as they are written in the song, then you hear him explain how to add chords, fillers, intros, ending, triplets, left-hand bass styles, counter-melodies, echoes, etc. to each song. You understand the reasoning behind it. Then you see him demonstrate it -- not once, but over and over, fast and slow and close-up, so you can see which fingers play which notes, and when.

     It works for any kind of Christian music -- whether you play on a worship team, or play solo piano church music -- any kind of Christian gospel music. You can take a piece of Christian sheet music or a hymnbook and turn each song into an exciting arrangement! This is gospel piano playing at it's best -- worship music -- praise music -- almost any kind of church music except liturgical.

     This is a two-hour DVD where we open a book of songs and go to work learning a wide variety of "praise & gospel" styles on actual praise songs and gospel songs. Response on this video has been absolutely amazing! You get the book of songs, plus 2 solid hours of priceless instruction. You could take lessons for years and years and never learn as much about praise & gospel piano playing as you will learn in 2 hours (of course, you will want to watch it over and over again as you begin to master each technique). This is not about learning songs, but about learning styles that you can then apply to ANY song. The songs we use to teach the styles in this course are: "Amazing Grace", "Cleanse Me O God", "O How I Love Jesus", and "Whispering Hope". But remember: this is NOT about learning a song or two. This is about learning to apply the styles taught on these songs to thousands of songs!

PG-1: "Praise & Gospel Piano"  -- 2 hour video and song book $97.

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