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Playing Chords In Rhythm With The "Chord & Rhythm Finger Finder"
Audio CD, DVD video, Laminated "Chord & Rhythm Finger Finder"
Playing Chords In Rhythm With The "Chord & Rhythm Finger Finder"
Playing Chords In Rhythm With The "Chord & Rhythm Finger Finder"
Item#: COMBO-37

Course Description

This Chart holds the secret of playing chords in
various rhythm patterns...

And Duane will demonstrate on your own TV
how to use this chart to get started playing
chording patterns right away.

Dear Friend:

   Maybe you've played the piano for years, but only what's written on the sheet music, and want to start using the "good stuff" -- chords and chord patterns and arpeggios and all that wonderful sound that flows from correctly-used chords.

    Or maybe you're a beginner, scratching your head in bewilderment, wondering how to get started playing chords in any organized fashion.

     This course is the perfect answer for both.


     Because this chart, aptly titled the "Chord & Rhythm finger Finder", when slipped behind the keys on your piano or electric keyboard shows you exactly which notes to play, and in what order, and when! There's no wondering if you're playing the right note -- you can SEE with your own eyes which note is the next one you will play.

And then, if that's not enough, Duane will demonstrate on this DVD you will play on your own TV set, right in your own home, how to use the chart, how to position it behind the keys, and then he will play the very chords that the chart tells him to, and you will hear with your own ears how it sounds, and you will understand why you play the notes in various orders and in various rhythms and keys, and of course you will see which fingers he uses on each notes, and you'll understand the logic of chord playing.

What chords will you learn to apply?

  • All the major chords

  • All the minor chords

  • All the diminished chords

  • All the augmented chords

  • All the 6th chords

  • All the 7th chords

  • All the minor 6th chords

  • All the minor 7th chords.


What kind of chording patterns will you learn?

     You'll learn standard chording patterns in 2/4, 3/4, 4/4, and 6/8, plus syncopated patterns using the same notes but in a slightly different order, and you'll learn various ways of "arpeggiating" (breaking up) all the chords mentioned above.

Apply these chording patterns to all kinds of music styles...

     With this knowledge, you can get started creating a chording bass pattern to literally thousands of songs in all kinds of styles, from popular to gospel to western to...most every kind of music except classical (chording classical music is possible, but not recommended -- sounds corny.)

Here's a close-up of the chart:


This fantastic chart is two-sided and laminated so it will last. It holds the secret to the chording techniques you will use the rest of your life. It is published by us, and not available from any other source, and is not available by itself -- you must have the DVD video to fully benefit from its use.

Playing Chords In Rhythm With The "Chord & Rhythm Finger Finder"
Item#: COMBO-37
Audio CD, DVD video, Laminated "Chord & Rhythm Finger Finder"

P.S.: This course is built around a unique copyrighted chart called the "Chord & Rhythm Finger Finder" which slips behind the keys and shows you what notes to play in various chords, and also shows you how to create a "rhythm bass" by playing a bass note followed by a chord (sometimes called a "swing bass"). All you have to do is place the "pointer" at the name of the chord you want to play, and presto, you have the entire chording patterns at your fingertips. Also teaches other chording patterns and arp patterns on many different chords. Wonderful course! You'll be chording in minutes so order now while you're thinking about it.


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