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Lessons in "Piano Runs & Fills Galore"Piano Runs & Fills Galore Section
How much more exciting would your piano playing be if you used...

"Runs & Fills Galore!"


How would you like to be able to use at least 46 different kinds of piano runs? And not just runs, but also fillers, tricks, special effects, riffs and embellishments of all kinds?

That's exactly what this fantastic course teaches -- runs that you only DREAMED of in the past -- runs you've heard on tapes or CD's, TV, and radio -- runs you didn't know how to do, but wanted to.

Picture yourself playing those LIGHTNING FAST runs up the keyboard and back down in time for the next chord, or playing CASCADING RUNS down the keyboard for a WATERFALL of wonderful sounds! Plus you'll learn mordents, inverted mordents, trills, turns, tremolos, grace notes, glissandos, fillers galore, cocktail-piano runs, plus gospel-style runs as well as "blues runs" based on the blues scale! You get each run on music paper and demonstrated and explained in detail on CD and on one DVD, so you can both SEE and HEAR exactly how to play each run!

Here's how you can add runs & fills to your piano playing!

RU-1 Includes All CD's and 1 DVD in a big binder

If you need more information, click here: Runs & Fills Galore for Piano Playing!

Piano Runs & Fills Galore <br>Includes all 6 CD's and 1 DVD
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&quot;Piano Runs Galore&quot;
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"Piano Runs Galore" DVD-04

&quot;Piano Fillers Galore!&quot;
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"Piano Fillers Galore!" RU-07

Cocktail Piano Runs!
Cocktail Piano Runs! RU-02

Piano Embellishments Galore!
Piano Embellishments Galore! RU-05

&quot;Piano Tricks!&quot;
"Piano Tricks!" RU-06

Evangelistic Piano Runs!
Evangelistic Piano Runs! RU-03

&quot;Jazz &amp; Blues Piano Runs!&quot;
"Jazz & Blues Piano Runs!" RU-04


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