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Learn Piano Chords in One Hour!
Learn Piano Chords in One Hour!
Learn Piano Chords in One Hour!
Item#: LPC-01

Course Description

You REALLY CAN learn piano chords in 1 hour!

Let me prove it to you...

Dear Friend:

I was totally amazed when I found out that CHORDS are the key to UNDERSTANDING MUSIC! I had taken piano lessons from the time I was 7 until I was 14, but I didn't have a clue about what to do except play the notes written on a piece of sheet music. That's why I want you to take this new fantastic course -- you will learn how easy it is to form chords and understand them in music. And not just major chords. I will teach you:


  • Major Chords - ALL 12 of them!
  • Minor Chords - ALL of them!
  • Diminished Chords - ALL 12 of them!
  • Augmented Chords - ALL 12 of them!
  • 6th Chords - ALL 12 of them!
  • Minor 6th Chords - ALL 12 of them!
  • 7th Chords - All 12 of them!
  • Minor 7th Chords - All 12 of them!
  • Major 7th Chords - All 12 of them!
  • 9th Chords - All 12 of them!
  • 11th Chords - All 12 of them!
  • 13th Chords - All 12 of them!
  • Plus Altered Chords (such as C7-5)
  • Plus Suspended Chords (such as C7sus)
  • Plus Slash Chords (such as C7/Bb

Once you know how these chords are formed on the piano keyboard, you will be able to find and form them yourself for the rest of your life. No more wondering about "what chord is this?" or "how do I play a Gm7?" or any of that. Learn them fast, and learn them once, and that's it. And the "Cheat Sheets" are fantastic -- pictures of all 12 major chords, all 12 minor chords, all 12 diminished chords, all 12 augmented chords...


You Get All This!

Major chords:

The "meat & potatoes" of a song. 85% to 90% of all songs are in a major key, so you MUST know all 12 of these major chords!

Minor chords:

The "side dish" of most songs. Minor chords are the 2nd most-used type of chords in music, so knowing them is a must too. And about 10% of songs are written in a minor key, so you obviously need to get a handle on minor key chords.

Diminished chords:

 The "salt" of a musical meal. They are transition chords that allow you to move smoothly from a major chord to a minor chord or vice- versa.

Augmented chords:

The "pepper" of a musical meal. Augmented chords are also transition chords which often are used to move between two different major chords.

6th chords:

They act as a "brightener" - like a toothpaste that brightens your teeth, 6th chords brighten a major chord.

Minor 6th chords:

Combining a 6th with a minor chord produces a very strong "serious" emotion that is useful in certain parts of songs.

7th chords:

Super-important chords that are "pregnant" - they want to "deliver" a song to the next chord in a progression, usually up an interval of a 4th.

Major 7th chords:

Different than 7th chords, these chords produce a pleasant "nostalgic" or "romantic" feeling, and are extremely useful in ballads particularly.

9th, 11th, and 13th chords:

 These are the "secret-sauce" chords that the pros use to create contemporary sounds. They create the "phat" sound often used in jazz, gospel, and rock-fusion songs.

Here's what you get for Just $39. Bucks!

A VIDEO where you will learn by SEEING and HEARING ALL the chords, demonstrated step-by-step on the piano. You'll SEE Duane form each chord and DEMONSTRATE how each chord is formed, and of course you will HEAR what each chord sounds like.

The "Picture Book Of PIANO CHORDS" where all 12 chords of each of the chord types is shown in a photo as it is played on the piano keyboard.


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