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"Keyboard Arranging: How To Do It On The Spot!"
6 instructional audio CD's & 72 cards in a big binder plus a bonus "Summary DVD
"Keyboard Arranging: How To Do It On The Spot!"
"Keyboard Arranging: How To Do It On The Spot!"
Item#: KA-01

Course Description

Wouldn't It Be Great To Be Able To
Arrange Songs Right At The Piano -- Instantly?


What if you had a style card that slipped behind the keys &
showed you the notes to play for each style?

Would that help?

What if you had 72 style-cards you can use to
arrange any song at the keyboard!?

Would that help?

You bet it would! Big time!

Dear Fellow Piano Player:

    When I was in my late teens I went hunting.

    Not for elk or quail, but for piano styles I could use to arrange the songs I wanted to play and make them interesting.

     Back then there was no such thing as the internet, or CD's, or video -- it was either in a book or from a private teacher, and I went hunting in both areas -- I bought tons of books on piano playing, and took lessons from several different teachers, some of whom were at the very top in the world of piano arranging.

     Gradually I learned style after style, but it took a long time. I thought at the time "There must be a better way to learn these styles than chasing down book after book, teacher after teacher." So when I got a music teaching studio of my own years later, I started putting together a list of the piano styles I had learned. Still later I thought "I could put these styles on cards -- one style on each card, and they would show each style by slipping behind the piano keyboard and pointing at the notes to be played!"

     Wow! What a breakthrough!

     So I started work on the project, and it took me several years to get all the styles down on paper and the bugs worked out. I realized, though, that the cards weren't enough by themselves -- I would need to demonstrate and explain how to use each style. So I painstakingly recorded six CD's where I demonstrate audibly how each style works and how it can be used in a song.

    Still later I thought "A video showing each style close up would be really helpful as well", so I recorded a DVD that shows me positioning each card on the piano keyboard then playing the pattern myself, so it is crystal clear to the learner. So the result was a set of 6 CD's and 1 DVD along with the 72 piano style cards.

(Click to play 2 minute video)

     Have you ever seen a piano player who could play most any piano music style right on the spot? To do that, you have to have a big bag of tricks in your hip pocket, and this course gives you over 72 ways to pull that musical rabbit out of your hat.

     You get 72 arranging techniques that you can apply to almost any song. Each technique is demonstrated three ways: on a printed card so you can SEE what notes to play for each piano style, on an audio CD so you can HEAR how to do it, and on the DVD so you can SEE what notes to play and how to do it.

     The entire course comes in a big binder with six instructional audio CD's and 72 printed cards -- one style on each card. That way you have all your arranging techniques in one place -- in a concise "deck of cards" (the cards are much larger than playing cards -- actually 8 1/2" by 3 1/2").

     Plus you get a bonus "Summary DVD" at no extra charge so you can see each style in action!

KA-1: " Keyboard Arranging: How To Do It On The Spot!" -- 6 instructional audio CD's & 72 cards in a big binder plus a bonus "Summary DVD" -- $197.


KA-1-CD: "Keyboard Arranging: How To Do It On The Spot!"

6 Instructional Audio CD's & 72 Piano Keyboard Style Cards in a Binder plus a "Summary DVD"  

Only $197. for everything in a big binder!

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