Crash Course In Exciting Piano Playing! 52 Week Home Study Course
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Chord Courses
Piano Styles
Classical Piano Courses
Chord Progressions
Duane's Inner Circle Membership
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A Six Month Course In Music Theory & Harmony
How to Grow BIG EARS!

"Pro Piano Playing Secrets!"
"How To Become A 'Chord Detective'!"
"How To Match The Melody Notes Of Any Song To A Chord In Your Left Hand"
"How To PLAY More Notes Without READING More Notes -- Playing From Chord Symbols
"How To Transpose & Modulate"
"Keyboard Arranging: How To Do It On The Spot!"
"Learn to Play Bach's 'Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring' "
"Musical Roadsigns: Accents, Dynamics, & All That"
"Using Chords To Improvise"
"Which Finger Goes Where, And Why"
$100 Gift Certificate
$200 Gift Certificate
"33 Tips For Becoming a GREAT Piano Player!"
"ALL the Chords in the Whole Wide World!"
"Boogie Patterns: Two-Dozen Boogie Patterns For Your Left Hand"
"How To 'Comp' In a Combo
"How To Make Cool Sounds On Any Keyboard!"
"How To Predict Which Chord Comes Next In a Song"
"How To Voice a Chord For a 'Pro Sound' "
"Jazz & Blues Piano Runs!"
"Keyboard By Chords"
"Piano Fillers Galore!"
"Piano Runs Galore"
"Piano Tricks!"
"Playing & Arranging " Alexander's Ragtime Band" on the piano - by Irv
"Playing Hymns & Gospel Songs Using Chording Styles"
"Playing Spirituals On Your Piano From a Lead Sheet"
"Reading Music Quickly Through Chord Analysis"
"Songs You Can Play Using Only 4 Chords!"
"Super-Chords Made Super-Simple!"
"The 3 Secrets of Power Piano Practicing!"
"The Secret of Playing For Praise & Worship Without Written Music"
"Training Your Ears To Hear Intervals of 2nds Through 13ths"
"Way Cool Piano Playing!"
1 Year Crash Course - DVD 1-52
A Six Month Course In Music Theory & Harmony
ALL 3 Christmas Carol Courses!
All About Scales & How To Use Them
ALL the Praise & Gospel Piano Video Courses & Bonus: "Exciting Piano! 7 Chord Strategies That Can Revolutionize Your Piano Playing!"
And Even MORE Praise & Gospel!
Block Chord Styles
Blues, Boogie, Jazz & Ragtime
Boogie For Beginners
Chord Color Magic! How to Add Color-Tones To Your Chords
Chord Courses
Chord Progressions
Chord Substitutions: 3 Secrets of Creating Fresh Harmonies
Classical Piano Courses
Classical Piano For Beginners!
(& Near-Beginners)

Cocktail Piano Runs!
Courses on Arranging as You Play
Courses on Embellishments
Courses on Mastering Rythm
Courses on Playing Piano by Ear
Courses on Scales - Major, Minor, Modes
Crash Course - First 4 Weeks
Crash Course In Exciting Piano Playing! 52 Week Home Study Course
Crash Course Lessons 13-16
Crash Course Lessons 17-20
Crash Course Lessons 21-24
Crash Course Lessons 25-28
Crash Course Lessons 29-32
Crash Course Lessons 33-36
Crash Course Lessons 37-40
Crash Course Lessons 41-44
Crash Course Lessons 45-48
Crash Course Lessons 49-52
Crash Course Lessons 5-52 Plus All the Books & Bonuses
Crash Course Lessons 5-8
Crash Course Lessons 9-12
Creating Intros & Endings On Songs
Downloadable Products
Ear Training Courses
Ear Training: Chords How To Hear Differences in Chord Types
Evangelistic Piano Playing!
Evangelistic Piano Runs!
Exciting Piano: 7 Techniques That Can Revolutionize Your Piano Playing
Fast Hands and Smart Fingers!
For Beginners - How to Play 12 Christmas Carols On The Piano This Christmas!
Free Newsletter for Duane's Students Only
Funny Stuff You Can Do On The Piano
Gift Certificates
Gift Certificates
How to Accompany Yourself or Others On The Piano
How To Come In The Back Door Of Piano Playing Using Chords
How To Dress Up Naked Music On The Piano!
How To Freshen Up the Songs You Play Every Sunday
How to Grow BIG EARS!
How To Hear Far-Out Harmonies And Understand Them
How To Make Your Hands Do
What Your Brain Tells Them To Do

How to Master Rhythm Problems -- Once and For All!
How To Memorize Music Quickly
How To Play Chord Piano...a 10-Step Course! Fantastic course with ALL the bonus items!
How To Play Chord Piano...a 10-Step Course! Fantastic course with ALL the bonus items!
How To Play Chord Piano...a 10-Step Course! Fantastic course with ALL the bonus items!
How To Play Lush, Modern "Mood" Piano
How to Play MORE Spectacularly Beautiful Christmas Carols!
How To Play Piano By Ear!
How to Play Spectacularly Beautiful Christmas Carols!
How to Play Spectacularly Beautiful Christmas Carols!
How to Play Spirituals on the Piano - 2 Courses in One!
How to Play STILL MORE Spectacularly Beautiful Christmas Carols!
How To Put Undernotes Under Your Right-Hand Melody
How To Read Music...In One Evening! (You won't be great, but you'll understand!)
How To Think In the Key!
How To Use The Circle of 4ths To Create Great Chord Progressions!
How To Use The Metronome To Keep a Steady Beat
Improvisation Courses
Individual Pro Secret Courses
Instant Piano Chord Finder Desktop Software
Intervals: The Key To BIG EARS!
Inversion Magic! How To Turn Chords Upside Down Quickly
Learn Piano Chords in One Hour!
Learn to Improvise!
Learn to play "Saint Louis Blues"
Learn to play Beehoven's "Fur Elise"
Learn To Play Beethoven's
"Moonlight Sonata"

Learn To Play Chopin's 'Prelude in C Minor'
Learn To Play Two Wedding Songs: The Processional & The Recessional
Ledger Lines: Learn To Read Those Super High & Super Low Notes!
Left Hand Bass Styles For Piano
Lessons in "Piano Runs & Fills Galore"
Master Musical Theory with the Musical Genius Course
MORE Funny Stuff You Can Do On The Piano
More Praise & Gospel!
Near Beginners
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One-Dozen Right Hand Piano Arranging Techniques On CD
Passing Tones To Add Motion & Interest To Your Songs
Pedaling & Dynamics: The Keys To A Smooth Yet Explosive Sound
Piano Embellishments Galore!
Piano Improvisation
Piano Improvisation From Ragtime To Contemporary
Piano Runs & Fills Galore
Includes all 6 CD's and 1 DVD

Piano Styles
Piano Theory Courses
Piano Tricks: How To Create Special Effects On the Piano
Playing & Arranging American Patriotic Songs
Playing & Arranging Old Love Songs on the Piano
Playing Blues, Boogie, & R&B
Playing Chords In Rhythm With The "Chord & Rhythm Finger Finder"
Playing Spirituals On The Piano
Praise & Gospel
Praise & Gospel Piano
Praise & Worship
Pro Secret #10: Introductions
Pro Secret #11: Endings
Pro Secret #12: Transposing
Pro Secret #13: Modulating
Pro Secret #14: Altering a Melody to Create a New Melody
Pro Secret #15: Inversions
Pro Secret #16: Creating Original Chord Progressions
Pro Secret #17: Echoes - Rhythmic, Melodic, Harmonic
Pro Secret #18: Touch
Pro Secret #19: II7 to V7 Progression
Pro Secret #1: Straddles
Pro Secret #20: Latin American Rhythms
Pro Secret #21: Locked Hands Style
Pro Secret #22: "Garner" Style
Pro Secret #23: Two Handed Arps: The Flowing River of Sound
Pro Secret #24: Parallelisms
Pro Secret #25: Ragtime Techniques
Pro Secret #26: Polytonality & Superimposition
Pro Secret #27: Delay Catch Up Technique
Pro Secret #28: Slash Chords
Pro Secret #29: Counter Melodies
Pro Secret #2: 2/1 & 3/1 Breakups
Pro Secret #30: Western Sounds
Pro Secret #31: Gospel Sounds
Pro Secret #32: 12 Bar Blues
Pro Secret #33: Passing Tones
Pro Secret #34: Question-Answer Technique
Pro Secret #35: Far-Out Harmonies
Pro Secret #36: Syncopation
Pro Secret #3: Waterfall Chords
Pro Secret #4: Tremolo Fired Runs
Pro Secret #5: Half Step Slides
Pro Secret #6: Suspensions
Pro Secret #7: Chord Substitutions
Pro Secret #8: Voicing in 4ths
Pro Secret #9: Turn Arounds
Pro Secrets
Pro Secrets - Get any 5 Pro Secrets for less than $20. each!
Ragtime Piano for Beginners
Reading Chord Symbols In Classical & Popular Music
Reading Rhythm Patterns In 3/4 Time
Reading Rhythm Patterns in 4/4 Time
Seven Steps To Speed Up Your Sight Reading!
Short Specialized DVD's
STILL More Praise & Gospel!
Subsequent Crash Course Lessons
Technique & Fingering Courses
The 52 Lesson Course On 5 CDs On Playing Songs Using Chording Patterns
Ties, Dotted Notes, Flags
Turn-Arounds -- For More Advanced Pianists

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