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How To Play Chord Piano...a 10-Step Course!
Fantastic course with DVD, CD, "Chord Piano" book and several bonuses!
How To Play Chord Piano...a 10-Step Course! Fantastic course with ALL the bonus items!
How To Play Chord Piano...a 10-Step Course! Fantastic course with ALL the bonus items!
Item#: COMBO-01

Course Description

Piano for busy adults using piano chords & chord symbols ... on close-up DVD video ...gets you chording really fast!

I really will teach you to play "chord piano" within the next ten days with both hands, or it won't cost you a single cent. Piano chords will revolutionize your piano playing, and you'll LOVE playing with them! Chords such as Dm7, Bb6, Dm9 -- and many more. Will you be great after ten days? Of course not -- but you'll be on your way!

I've been teaching piano lessons here in the Rogue River Valley of Oregon for over 20 years, and my Keyboard Workshop is known not only locally, but all around the world. If I couldn't do what I say I can do, I wouldn't still be around. But I'll leave that entirely up to you. If you don't learn to play "chord-style" piano in ten days, just send the course back to me and I'll give you an immediate refund -- no questions asked. I mean it. It's that good.

Dear Friend:

I really can teach you to play the piano using piano chords & chord symbols such as G7, Dm7, Bb6 and so forth. And it won't cost you an arm and a leg, either. And you risk nothing, since my chording method is 100% guaranteed. 

This is not a bogus claim. I've been teaching people to play the piano using chords for over 25 years, and I know what works.

At the end of 10 days you'll know enough about chords and music to play songs on the piano with both hands - without having to read complicated sheet music -- just the tune and the chord symbols such as D7, Em, Cm7 and so on. These chord symbols are the magic key to unlocking the door of exciting piano playing, because once you know them, you can apply them to THOUSANDS OF SONGS!

Piano playing becomes SO much easier when you know what chord to play in the left hand while your right hand plays the melody!

Will you be great in 10 days? Of course not. But you'll be on your way. Some will go faster, and some will go slower -- what else is new? But the point is that you will know chords and you will know how to use them in your favorite songs. 

Here is what you'll learn in the 10 day "Chord Piano" course:

1. You're going to be able to play all 12 major piano chords easily and quickly. Some of my students can play them in as little as 3 seconds! (Honest!) 

2. You're going to be able to pick out a tune with your right hand both "by ear" and by reading notes. (Some people play by ear, and some by sight-reading. You're going to be able to do both -- and knowing piano chords speeds up both.)

3. You will be able to play all minor piano chords, all diminished piano chords, and all augmented piano chords, just by changing each major piano chord slightly. But that's not all: You will also learn how to form and play 6th chords, minor 6th chords, 7th chords, minor 7th chords, maj7th chords (different than "regular" 7th chords), and even 9th chords! You will be able to do this for the rest of your life just by reading chord symbols such as F7, C6, Gm7, and so forth.

4. You will learn to create a chording rhythm pattern with your left hand, made out of the piano chords you learn, which you can use on a thousand different songs the rest of your life. If you like ragtime, you can use it on The Entertainer, and songs like that. If you like gospel music, you can use it on Amazing Grace, and a thousand other hymns or other Christian music (Actually -- any kind of "popular" piano music). If' you like Country-Western or Contemporary or Pop or whatever, you can apply this "chording bass" pattern to your favorite songs. (The only kind of piano music you shouldn't use it on is classical). You will learn to do this "swing bass" technique in both 3/4 and 4/4 time (and all the other variations). Then you will learn a left-hand technique called "arpeggios" -- where you'll "stretch out" the chord into a beautiful and full orchestral sound -- great for ballads, love songs, certain praise & worship songs, etc.

5. You will learn a wonderful "harmonizing trick" you can do using piano chords. It's very easy to do, but adds a "duet effect' to your right hand melodies. (If you sing, or play another instrument, you can apply this technique to that as well!)

6. You will learn how to "fill up the empty spaces" in a song with echoes, fills, and runs -- all made out of piano chords. This lesson alone is worth ten times the cost of the piano lessons, as only the very top professionals know how to do this. You'll learn rapid-fire runs, straddles, fills, melodic echoes, and cascading waterfall runs!

7. You will learn how to arrange a song -- put an intro at the start of it, and an ending on the caboose. You can then take a piece of sheet music and play it your way, instead of just playing what's written.

8. You will learn how to create a fantastic "orchestral pad" in your left hand part that creates a "river of sound" for ballads, love songs, Christian music, regular sheet music and any kind of song needing a "smooth" feel.

By the way, you will not only learn how to do all these things, but you will also understand what you're doing! In other words, I teach music theory -- why piano chords work the way they do -- along with the specific skills, so you won't be doing anything by rote -- you'll understand exactly what you're doing and why you're doing it! 

Whether you take 10 days or ten weeks or ten years is up to you, of course -- but the piano chord course comes in 10 dynamite piano lessons that will take you from where you are to where you want to go. You'll start by learning what music is all about -- the 3 parts of music -- melody, rhythm, and harmony -- and then your learn to read a melody line (if you don't already know how). Then you'll learn how piano chords are formed, and how to get a grasp on all 12 major chords -- and then learn to change them to minor, diminished, and augmented. 

Then after you know 48 piano chords (12 major chords, 12 minor chords, 12 diminished chords, and 12 augmented chords), you'll learn to invert them (turn them upside down) so you'll have 144 chords to work with. But then you'll learn to add extensions to the basic chords -- 6ths, 7ths, major 7ths, 9ths -- for those wonderful and exciting sounds that add so much to music. That will give you....oh, about 1000 piano chord possibilities. Piano lessons were never this much fun!

But that's when the fun just starts! Once you know piano chords, then you will learn how to create exciting rhythm patterns using those chords in a variety of ways -- from "swing bass" to "western bass" to "broken chord bass" to..........and each style has many varieties, so there is really no end to the distinctive styles you can come up with to create your own sounds using piano chords!

(Duane is the author of over 500 music books, videos, DVD's, & CD's. He has taught hundreds of thousands of people worldwide over the past 30 years in person and through his courses. If you don't know who he is, type "Duane Shinn" into Google search engine and you'll find some 95,000 references to him.)

For more information go to:  How To Play Chord Piano...In 10 Days!


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