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How To Freshen Up the Songs You Play Every Sunday
Instructional DVD video and song sheet
How To Freshen Up the Songs You Play Every Sunday
How To Freshen Up the Songs You Play Every Sunday
Item#: FR-01

Course Description
How To Freshen Up the Songs You Play Every Sunday

There's no reason at all why you have to use the same chords Sunday after Sunday (or whenever you meet). Not that there is anything wrong with the chords that come with the songs you play, but wouldn't it be nice if once in a while you could change the chord progressions a bit to create a refreshing lift to the songs you play all the time?

For example, play "Fairest Lord Jesus" as it comes right out of the hymnal. Sounds OK, but kind of plain and boring. That's because the hymnal is written for 4 voices -- soprano, alto, tenor, and bass -- SATB -- not for the piano.

Certainly nothing wrong with that. We've all played it that way for years. But what if we had the option to play it the way you hear it in your mind?

Quite a difference, wouldn't you say?

Now, you may not care for one particular chord progression. But that's the beauty of what I'm about to tell you. You don't have to play someone else's chords any more. Now you can create your own chords and your own progressions.

I'm going to spend 2 solid hours with you on the DVD video course I've made, teaching you exactly how to do it. When those 2 hours are up, you will know the 3 principles of creating refreshing and exciting new chord progressions, and you'll know them the rest of your life. You can spend the rest of your piano-playing life creating the sounds that you feel will bless people and add a new dimension to the worship of your church. You won't have to depend on someone else's ideas any more.

FR-1-DVD: "How To Freshen Up the Songs You Play Every Sunday (or whatever day you meet for worship) With New & Different Chords & Progressions!"

Instructional DVD & Song Sheet

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