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Free Newsletter for Duane's Students Only
Free Newsletter for Duane's Students Only
Free Newsletter for Duane's Students Only
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Course Description
Good Stuff You Really Ought To Know...

About Music Theory & Piano Playing!

This complimentary newsletter is for students only -- people like you who have invested in one or more of Duane's courses. Please do not share this with others who have not. Instead, send them to http://www.playpiano.com so they can sign up for Duane's free newsletter titled "101 Free Piano Chord Tips". (You, no doubt, already subscribe to it.)

Over the course of the next few months Duane will be sharing many insights about music and piano playing with you, including:

"The Plagal cadence"

"The Authentic cadence"

"The Complete Cadence"

"The Family of Chords"




"How to create an intro from only 2 chords"

"How to make any 'square' chord sound cool"

"False endings"

"The 3 magic-mover chords" (Diminished 7ths)

"Stacked 4th chords"

"The Picardy 3rd"

"The N6 Chord" (Also known as the Neapolitan 6th chord)

"Parallel Stacked 3rd Chords"

"The Blues Scale"

"Passing Tones"

"Chimes With Two Hands"

"Parallel & contrary octaves"

"Chromatic, whole tone, & pentatonic scales"

"The Overtone series"

"Tremelo-fired runs"

"Locked hands style"

and many more

This newsletter is published exclusively for the students of Duane who have purchased his courses.

Only available when you take one or more of Duane's courses.

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