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Evangelistic Piano Playing!
6 audio CD's & 40 printed lessons in a big binder
Evangelistic Piano Playing!
Evangelistic Piano Playing!
Item#: EE-01

Course Description

Evangelistic Piano Playing Embellishments!

"How to make hymns & gospel songs come alive through evangelistic embellishments!"

   If you enjoy playing hymns and gospel songs in the "old fashioned" way, this is your chance to learn how to play in the full, exciting style you have heard, but never have known how to reproduce.

   Beginning with the basic four-part harmony of the hymnal, each lesson progressively develops the concepts of evangelistic playing by means of chords, runs, chord substitutions, rhythm development, etc. You learn how to arrange a hymn from start to finish using these techniques.



And we use the old, familiar hymns such as...

  • At Calvary

  • Bringing In The Sheaves

  • What a Friend We Have In Jesus

  • Trust and Obey

  • My Hope Is Built On Nothing Less

  • A Mighty Fortress Is Our God

  • We Three Kings

  • God Rest You Merry Gentlemen

  • Go Down Moses

  • Tell Me The Old Old Story

  • Tell It To Jesus

  • We've a Story To Tell To The Nations

  • Rock Of Ages

  • O Worship The King

  • O Jesus I Have Promised

  • The Light Of The World Is Jesus

  • Jesus Saves

  • Wonderful Words Of Life

  • O Come All Ye Faithful

  • 'Tis So Sweet To Trust In Jesus

  • Develop more confidence

  • Triple your income


Embellishments Galore!

    Each of these songs is printed in the course as it would appear in a standard hymnbook, and then of course Duane shows you how to enlarge the song so you don't have to play it just as it is written, but in a much fuller style.

    Have you ever wanted to be able to "run" up and down the keyboard? Several of the lessons deal specifically with this technique, and the variety of ways it is accomplished. Learn to play right hand octave runs, left hand octave runs, broken chord runs, 7th runs, minor 7th runs, and so on. Learn where and when to begin a run and where and when to end a run. Learn how to add those rich, modern sounding chords to your hymns. Learn to use passing tones and double octaves and block chords to create a big, exciting sound! You get 40 printed lessons in a big binder, plus an "Organ Supplement" that shows how to apply these techniques to the organ, plus 6 CD's that demonstrate each technique and song in detail

You get 40 great lessons listed below!

  1. The 3 basics. Using the "big 3" to play hymns.

  2. Using octaves in the melody.

  3. Chord patterns I, IV and V7.

  4. How to fill in your octaves for a bigger sound.

  5. Upside-down chords. Use inversions to sound better & enhance your style.

  6. Dominant 7th chords in "Bringing In The Sheaves"

  7. Fingering: Which of your fingers go where in a song.

  8. Roots & fifths in "What a Friend We Have in Jesus"

  9. 3/4 time playing "Trust and Obey"

  10. Making exciting runs out of "boring scales".

  11. Using Minor chords while playing "A Mighty

  12. Fortress Is Our God"

  13. More minor chords and their scales as we play "We Three Kings", "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen", and the spiritual "Go Down Moses"

  14. Diminished chords as transitions in "Tell Me The Old Old Story".

  15. Augmented chords in "Tell It To Jesus".

  16. Using 6th chords in "We've a Story To Tell To The Nations".

  17. 9th chords & how to use them.

  18. Extended chords such as 11ths and 13ths & how to use them.

  19. Major 7th chords in "Rock of Ages"

  20. Combining chords in many different ways.

  21. How to read chord symbols.

  22. Key signatures: how they work. Transposing.

  23. All the flat keys, all the sharp keys, and the Circle of Keys.

  24. Using 10ths in your left hand for a BIG sound in "O Jesus, I Have Promised".

  25. Raindrop chords using both the 6th and the 9th in the same chord.

  1. Rhythm patterns in 3/4, 4/4, 6/8, 12/8, 2/4, and 3/2.

  2. Ties, slurs, dynamic signs, tempo signs, staccato, legato playing.

  3. Using different swing bass patterns in your left hand.

  4. Arpeggios: How to create runs out of scales and chords.

  5. Chromatic and octave runs in hymns and gospel songs using "Jesus Saves"

  6. Adding runs to the left hand while filling in the right hand chords.

  7. How to "scout a song" before you play it so you know what's coming.

  8. How to create an intro and ending for your songs FROM your song. "Wonderful Words of Life"

  9. How to modulate from key to key (changing keys in a song).

  10. How to transpose to a different key (different than modulating).

  11. Improving your playing by improvising. "Tis So Sweet To Trust in Jesus"

  12. How to use chord substitutions to make your songs much more interesting. "At Calvary"

  13. How to pick out a tune by ear and figure out what chords go with it.

  14. Some important tips on sight reading

  15. How to make your fingers move faster.

  16. How to develop your own style.

Not sure what evangelistic piano
playing sounds like? Click here!


 Duane has a very unique gift... not only a talent, but a very special "gift" from God.  He can communicate understandable musical information by way of audio and video tapes to students in a very practical way and at the same time teach on a very personal level.  It seems as though you've met him in person when you listen or watch any of his tapes.  He is very personable and his Christianity soon shines through in his comments.  He has a wealth of knowledge to share and is happy to do so.

Renee Goodman, E-mail on file 12/22/03


EE-1: "How to make hymns & gospel songs come alive through evangelistic embellishments!"

  • 6 audio CD's

  • 40 printed lessons in a big binder

  • Bonus "Organ Supplement" for those who also play the organ 

  • Bonus DVD video (so you can see) titled "How To Super-Charge The Hymns You Play Every Sunday!" which includes these songs:

      - Battle Hymn Of The Republic
      - Nothing But The Blood
      - Jesus Loves Me
      - There Is a Fountain
      - Just As I Am
      - Jesus Paid It All


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