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Doing Magic With Your Keyboard & Your Computer
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Doing Magic With Your Keyboard & Your Computer
Doing Magic With Your Keyboard & Your Computer
Item#: MIDI-01

Course Description
Shows You How To Do Things With Your Keyboard & Computer That Mozart & Beethoven Would Have Killed For!

If you have both an electronic keyboard of some kind, such as a Yamaha, Roland or Casio, and a computer (either a Mac or a PC -- either will do -- although I will demonstrate on my old Mac), then tune into my DVD on all the wonderful and exciting things you can do when they are hooked together. (You'll need a MIDI cable -- but I'll cover all that on the video -- what you need, what it all looks like, and how to hook it together).

You'll see and hear me actually create a full-blown piece of sheet music -- just like you would buy in the music store -- by playing my keyboard and watching the notes pop up on the screen and flow into staffs and measures, and eventually an entire piece of sheet music. I'll show you what program to get so you can do the same.

Then you'll see me sequence and entire piano song and edit it using a sequencer program. That way you can arrange your own songs the way you like them, with full-blown instrumentation in all kinds of different styles from classical to samba to gospel to rock to jazz to...well, you name it.

Then you'll learn how to use an accompaniment program, which is a super way to turn your computer into a band that you train to play along with you while you practice! You can either create your own chord progressions, or use the pre-programmed songs that come with the program. Either way it's absolutely a gas to play with!

All this will take the best part of two hours, which means that in two hours after you receive my DVD, you will have a real good overview of how to use your computer and your musical keyboard together, as well as what programs do what, where to get them, how much they cost (not much!) and how to put it all together.


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