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Crash Course - First 4 Weeks
Crash Course - First 4 Weeks
Crash Course - First 4 Weeks
Item#: DVD-01-04

Course Description
If you want to "sample" the course before you sign up for the entire year, you can take the first month of piano lessons for $100. -- (which is equivalent to$25. per week -- but you can't take just one week because 4 weeks of lessons are on each DVD). If you like it as much as I think you will, you can then continue at $100. per month (we'll enclose a form so you can do that if you wish), or you can apply the $100. toward the full amount of the course ($995. less the $100. credit will leave you a balance of $895. plus shipping) if you want to get it all at once. Otherwise the total cost will be about $1300. plus shipping if you get it month by month. (We'll also enclose a form so you can do that, too, if you prefer -- and lots of people do.)

You will not receive the other 7 bonuses mentioned above when you order just the first month, but if you choose to continue you will receive ALL the bonuses at that time!

Crash Course DVD 1-4 First 4 Weeks of the Weekly Piano Lessons On DVD

(with 2 coordinated books) for 4 weeks plus the bonus " Quick Start" DVD.

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