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Chord Progressions & The Riffs & Runs That Flow Out Of Them!
Six Audio CD's & book of progressions, plus one bonus DVD Video, all in a big binder
Chord Progressions
Chord Progressions
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Course Description

Chord Progressions for piano playing!

The amazing secret of learning a few...

Chord Progressions...


 ...that occur in thousands of songs, so by learning the progression ONCE, you will automatically be able to play it -- and the riffs and runs that flow out of them -- in THOUSANDS of other songs!

     It's almost like cheating! Other people and other piano players will wonder how in the world you are able to play a song you've never played before so well -- with all the

Piano Fills and Runs

     ...you learned on another song!

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Dear Piano-Playing Friend:

     Here is a typical chord progression:

C       Am7       Dm7       G7



Chord progressions course on 6 CD's and 1 DVD

     It is commonly referred to as the "We want Cantor!" chord progression, because those are the first 4 chords of a famous song by that name.

     But you can use that very same piano chord progression not only in "We want Cantor", but also in "Blue Moon", "Heart & Soul", "Unchained Melody", "Ebb Tide", "Polka Dots & Moonbeams", "It's The Talk Of The Town", and countless other tunes. You can also use the exact same progression in gospel songs such as "He's Everything To Me", "I Am Not Worthy", and many others.

     So if you knew that progression -- I mean REALLY knew it -- you could play countless songs, and portions of countless others.

     This same piano chord progression also makes an excellent introduction to most ANY song.

      And this very same chord progression also makes a great "turnaround" in dead spots in a song, as well as for use between 1st and 2nd verses of a song.

All this from just ONE chord progression!

     In this great course I will teach you a DOZEN piano chord progressions, and you will hear me play each chord and explain each progression in detail. You will hear me make RUNS & FILLS & RIFFS of various kinds out of each progression -- runs & riffs & fillers you can use, no matter whether you play gospel music, rhythm & blues, pop, rock, ragtime, jazz, praise & worship, or whatever. The principals are exactly the same no matter what style you play in.


     By learning a few runs & riffs which flow out of each chord progression, you will be actually practicing the "fancy stuff" you can then include in thousands and thousands of songs!

     You will get six CD's where I demonstrate and explain each chord progression in detail, and show you how to apply it to your kind of music. I'll show you how to make runs, fills, riffs, breaks -- all based on each progression, and by changing the rhythm slightly you can use the SAME NOTES to play any kind of music from gospel to popular to jazz!

     Along with the 6 CD's, you'll also get a big book which has 96 pages and shows every note of every chord progression covered in the course. You'll also get a big multi-color binder to hold your course at NO EXTRA CHARGE!

     And if that we're enough, I have a special surprise for you: I have a "headless video" DVD for you! We call it a "headless video" because the video camera focuses on my hands close-up, so you can SEE each progression and SEE each run & riff and the exact fingering that is used. Even if you didn't have the 6 CD & book course, you could learn a ton from this DVD video alone just by watching -- but it's not available alone at ANY PRICE. You can ONLY get it WITH THE COURSE when you order -- but there's no extra charge for it, so in essence you're getting it FREE!

 Bonus: "Headless Video DVD"

Chord progressions DVD video


     The cost?

     If you could come to my studio in Oregon and I taught you the very same material in person (but don't buy an airline ticket -- I don't do that anymore), it would take several months of lessons and cost a lot -- but it would be well worth it, because you would have the "ammunition" in your mental storehouse that 95% of piano players don't have, and don't every know where to get.

     Your cost -- just a tiny fraction of private lessons -- (yet learning by CD with a wonderfully illustrated book showing all the chord progressions is as private as you can get) -- and you can listen over and over again -- even in your car as you drive -- and share this priceless knowledge with other members of your family - is just $197. -- total cost -- nothing else to buy. And of course you can CHARGE IT to your Visa or MasterCard  if you wish. Just click on the order button below -- it's safe and sound!



PS If you learned just ONE progression well and could use it to embellish hundreds of songs, It would be worth the price of the course. But you get a DOZEN chord progressions explained and demonstrated on the 6 CD's and the big book, to say nothing of the fabulous close-up "headless video DVD" where you can see clearly all the chords and the runs & riffs that flow out of them -- plus you can watch my fingers as they play.

Music keyboard chord progressions CD

 Chord Progression Course on 6 CD's & Big Book & Binder Plus Book of Songs To Practice On...

$197. total which includes:


Special Bonus!

"Headless DVD Video" Which Summarizes the Entire Course! (Watch Duane play & illustrate chord progressions & the riffs & runs that flow out of them!)



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