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Best Loved Hymns - All 3 Volumes
Best Loved Hymns  - All 3 Volumes
Best Loved Hymns - All 3 Volumes
Item#: COMBO-48

Course Description

"The Best-Loved

Gospel Hymns

Of All Time!"

Best Loved Hymns

Bring 'em to life

on your piano!

Dear Piano-playing friend:

Would you like to be able to play and arrange some of the greatest gospel hymns ever written?

     If so, you're going to LOVE this DVD video series I have recorded.

    In each DVD I spend two whole hours demonstrating and explaining how to add runs, fill, chord substitutions, and a host of other techniques to some of your favorite hymns. That's SIX hours of priceless instruction when you order all 3 DVD courses. You'll see each note, each chord, each technique close-up and in slow motion on the DVD so you'll know exactly how to play each technique in each song. And then, of course, you can take what you learn on one song and apply it to other songs as well.

     Each DVD comes with the sheet music of the original hymn, just like you would see in a hymnal, except it's in a nicer sheet music format.




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