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"Turn Yourself Into a One-man or One-woman Music School"
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"Turn Yourself Into a One-man or One-woman Music School"
"Turn Yourself Into a One-man or One-woman Music School"
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Course Description

How To Teach Piano To Beginners!

How To Teach Piano To Beginners!

Earn a Full Time Income Teaching Part Time!

Dear Fellow Piano Player: There are lots of unproven ways to make huge amounts of money in music. You could write a hit song -- you could be discovered and become a big star -- and I hope you do all those things. But those are dreams, and while dreams sometimes come true -- meanwhile -- in the real world -- while you're waiting for one of those dreams -- wouldn't it be nice to earn a steady, excellent income in the music field?

I've done it for years. Lots of years. Proven it. In fact, I have raised a family and put 4 kids through college and paid for 4 weddings etc, etc... all through teaching piano! Sometimes when people ask what I do and I tell them I am a piano teacher, they get a blank stare on their face as it to say

"How in the world can you make the living you do teaching piano? That's impossible!

No, it's not.

It's just that most everybody that tries it does it wrong. A few of us have done it right, and like any good seed that you plant, the result has been very fruitful.

I'd like to teach you to do it right. Right from the start.

Students Galore All Around You!

  • Teach only beginners

  • Learn as you teach

  • Develop an income you can count on

Here's how:

I'll teach you how to have students coming out your ears within a short period. I'll teach you how to actually teach them all the skills of piano playing so they will really learn -- sight-reading, theory, chords, styling techniques, arranging, improvisation -- everything a piano player should know and be able to do. I'll show you how to teach hand position, pedaling, practice techniques, and I'll show you what books to use in each area -- in fact, I'll enclose a packet of piano teaching books and materials at no extra charge -- books you can actually teach from if you choose to. I'll show you how much to charge, and how to completely eliminate cancellations and make ups.

Learn how to do it:

This is a two-hour DVD video where you will actually see everything that I teach -- from teaching techniques to marketing and advertising secrets.

This DVD is absolutely indispensable if you want to earn income teaching piano (or other keyboards), but it is also great for those who want to teach their own kids (or grandkids) at home, because it shows exactly how to do it right by someone who has done it right for a whole bunch of years!

A one-of-a-kind DVD video available nowhere else!

"The Proven Way To Turn Your  Piano-Playing Talents into An Excellent Income!"

Dear Duane,

     I love your
new course on "How To Teach Piano To Beginners!" and I think your perspective on the matter is really unique.

     I really think How To Teach Piano To Beginners! is one of the best products in it's market!

     Congratulations and Keep Up The Great Work!

Ovi Dogar

Learn how to get students, to keep students, what to charge, what to teach. In addition to the great DVD you get a packet of promotional material and one method book at no extra charge to get you started!

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"The One-Person Music School"
2-Hour DVD Video & Promotional Packet & one Piano Teaching Book $97.

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P.S.: I started with just one student...a beginner...and now have taught hundreds of thousands over the years not only in person and in my teaching studio, but also through books, tapes, videos, CD's, chord charts, musical games, DVD's, and now MP3...you never know where your teaching will go!

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