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1 Year Crash Course - DVD 1-52
1 Year Crash Course - DVD 1-52
1 Year Crash Course - DVD 1-52
Item#: DVD-01-52

Course Description
Weekly Piano Lessons On DVD Vide

Weekly Piano Lessons On DVD Video -- The Entire Year!

With eight coordinated books containing

hundreds of songs for 52 weeks

shipped all at once (Save over $300.) -- plus all EIGHT bonuses:

Free Bonus #1. " How To Get a Quick Start At The Piano!" DVD

Watch Duane on your TV or computer as he shows exactly how you can get going in record time and get off to a great start.

Free Bonus #2. The " Secret of Power Practice" DVD

How you can get twice as much out of the time you practice in half the time by using 3 rehearsal strategies.

Free Bonus # 3. The " Automatic Note Finder"keyboard chart

Slips behind the keys and directs you to every note in both clefs.

Free Bonus # 4. " All the Major Chords" chord chart

C major piano chord

Photos of all the major chords on one chart.

Free Bonus #5. " Secrets I Have Discovered The Hard Way" CD

Listen as Duane shares how he learned the piano -- and why you
don't have to make the same mistakes he did.

Free Bonus # 6. The classic "Take a Message to Garcia" manuscript!

This classic has motivated thousands of people to achievement in various fields, and yet remains unknown to most people. Duane would like you to have it to motivate you to success in piano playing.

Free Bonus #7: Automatic enrollment in Duane's private e-mail newsletter for students only titled
"Good Stuff You Really Need To Know About Music & Piano Playing!"

This e-mail newsletter is only available to Duane's students. Once you sign up for this course you will receive it automatically.

Free Bonus #8: "The Most Used Chords In The Key of C"

A chart like this changed my musical life years ago -- and I want you to have this as a free bonus with your order.

$997. when shipped all at once --

(save $300. and LOTS of postage)

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